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CRU (Curated Renegade Unidentified) #02

 - CRU (Curated Renegade Unidentified) #02
The second issue of CRU includes documents on Trevor Wishart, Denis Dufour, Hém-Ish, Ione, Broutin, François Poyet, Johannes Kreidler, Gil J Wolman at work, a film by Frédéric Acquaviva on the late Pauline Oliveros, Silva Gabriela Béju on Henri Chopin and the magazine OU, a set of posters and postcards…
This second issue, printed at 500 copies, includes this time 3 catalogues under the form of affiche + postcard + list of material exhibited + poster of the 3 main exhibs of last year, on Broutin (Lettrist since 1968), Gil J Wolman (with an amazing survey of his work, also being the first retrospective in Berlin) and a collective exhibition displaying for the first time all together the 3 historical multimedia magazines : Henri Chopin's OU, Maurice Lemaître's UR and Larry Austin's Source.
Added is a CD with the mock up original unreleased version of Trevor Wishart's masterpiece Anticredos with himself multitracked + Denis Dufour's Berlin Suite with Loré Lixenberg. Dufour was a member of the French GRM and founder of Futura Festival. The DVD contains performances at La Plaque Tournante by young German concept composer Johannes Kreidler, new Indian sound artist Hém-Ish, the Lettrists Broutin and François Poyet + a unique documentary of 40' of Gil Wolman at work, a unique document by Silvia Béju filming in 2001 Henri Chopin reflecting on his legendary OU with ironic comments, and the last intervention published by late Pauline Oliveros (with Ione) : a film of 20' by Frédéric Acquaviva.
Published by AcquAvivA editions, CRU is the annual magazine that documents what's happening or what could have happened at La Plaque Tournante (www.laplaquetournante.org), a non commercial artist space in Berlin and run by French composer Frédéric Acquaviva and English mezzo-soprano Loré Lixenberg. The magazine contains a CD, a DVD, some playlists of exhibited material, postcards, affiches and catalogues into the form of posters.
published in December 2016
French edition
32 x 32 cm (softcover)
in stock
CRU (Curated Renegade Unidentified)

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