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CEC (Centre d'édition contemporaine)

The Centre d'édition contemporaine (Centre genevois de gravure contemporaine until 2000) is an institution dedicated to the production and the promotion of contemporary editions and to making exhibitions, thus bringing together the specific fields of publishing and contemporary art. Several emerging or well-established artists, from Switzerland or abroad, are invited to make an exhibition and to produce an edition (prints, artist's books, publications, multiples...).
18 titles
Harry Burke - A diminished poetry - An expanding (and contracting) writerly. Fragments, for Rindon Johnson – Before publication #01
English edition
Presented as a work-in-progress, this text on American artist Rindon Johnson's video practice offers a reflection on the widening creative possibilities in the multimodal digital landscape, while discussing the political and personal aspirations of a new generation of artists and critics.
Dorothy Iannone - Eros Paintings
no text
A selection of erotic paintings by the American artist, produced between 1969 and 1971: an ecstatic and mystical celebration of the sexual act.
Susan Te Kahurangi King - Selected Works - 1965–1980
no text
A selection of drawings by the New Zealand outsider artist: her work, recognized belatedly, provides a journey into a grotesque, sometimes somber universe, filled with animals, distorted human bodies, and cartoon characters.
Keren Cytter - The Brutal Turtle
English edition
Second in a trilogy of children's books, The Brutal Turtle tells the story of a Turtle wandering in the desert, trying to reach the animal farm. Facing cruel obstacles during his journey, he becomes angry and terrorizes the farm's people once he arrives at the farm. A tale on power's relativity, hate, violence, and on the importance to be nice.
Keren Cytter - The Furious Hamster
English edition
The last in a trilogy of children's books, this publication tells the story of a hamster stuck between the pages of a book. Wishing to escape to discover the animal farm, he will find the help of his own fleas. A story about caring and learning, by artist Keren Cytter.
Victor Man - Childhood Drawings for Rózsa
English edition
This artist's book reproduces a series of comics made by Victor Man when he was a child in communist Romania in the early 1980s. These drawings reveal the artist's fascination for the then rare Western magazines. The publication opens with a letter from Victor Man to little Rózsa, to whom the book is dedicated.
Jean-Michel Wicker - #picturebook1
texts in English and French
This artist's book is characteristic of Jean-Michel Wicker's work with typography and graphic design. It features a series of graphic works, a “tree of life” produced in collaboration with Marlie Mul, a text by Harry Burke, and a recipe for Alsatian plum pie by Charlotte Wicker. The publication's inserts reproduce collages and paintings by Wicker.
Artists\' Voices (3 vinyl LP  – Picture Disc)
Triple vinyl LP featuring a collection of recordings by by renowned visual artists (with Rita Ackermann, Gerard Byrne, Valentin Carron, Claire Fontaine, Jason Dodge, Giulia Essyad, Sylvie Fleury, Gilles Furtwängler, Mathis Gasser, Marcus Geiger & Heimo Zobernig, Vivienne Griffin & Kaspars Groshevs, Thomas Hirschhorn, Tobias Kaspar et Jan Vorisek, Anne Le Troter, Beat Lippert, Tobias Madison, Fabian Marti, Jonathan Monk, Damián Navarro, James Richards, Emanuel Rossetti, Ryan Conrad Sawyer, Ramaya Tegegne, and Ricardo Valentim).
Mathis Gasser - In the Museum 1 2 (3) - Regulators 1 2 n
Artist's book divided in two series of works elaborated from Gasser's own archives: an explosive combination of images drawn from art history, pop culture and current events, building up a retrofuturistic universe facing financial, ecological, religious and political distress.
Raphaël Julliard - Rreptiles
English edition
An artist's book by Raphaël Julliard built around his meeting with post-minimalist artist Richard Tuttle.
David Hominal - Through the Windows
texts in English and French
52 notes on paper documenting the artist's daily life in Berlin between 2010 and 2012, and several reproductions of paintings, sculptures, collages, drawings and silkscreen prints.
Oscar Tuazon - Working Drawing
English edition
Reproduction of 210 drawings and a text by Oscar Tuazon (artist's book).
Jeffrey Vallance - The Vallance Bible
English edition
The Bible according to Jeffrey Vallance: a mystical and blasphemous apocryphal tale.
Philippe Decrauzat - Trois films photographiés - A Change of Speed, a Change of Style, a Change of Scene – After Birds – Screen O Scope
no text
Designed from photographs of Decrauzat's films, this artist's book offers an experiment of retinian excitement echoing the syncopes of the reel. Each copy was bound together following a random repartition system and is therefore unique.
L\'effet papillon - 1989-2007
French edition (texts in English and German)
The story of the Centre d'édition contemporaine in Geneva.
Christophe Rey - Dragon bec verseur - 108 fragments à propos d\'un voyage dans l\'Est des Etats-Unis
French edition
108 textual fragments of a journey through the Eastern United States.
Jakob Kolding - Posters
bilingual edition (English / French)
Artist's publication featuring a briefcase with 18 folded prints: introductory note, posters reproduction, streetview photographs, selection of texts on previous projects in Denmark, Los Angeles and Geneva, posters' translations and an essay by geographer Doreen Massey.
Elke Krystufek - In the Arms of Luck
édition anglaise
An intimate and unsettling diary featuring 56 self-portraits drawn in black and coloured pencils, extensively annotated by the artist.
Thomas Hirschhorn - Les plaintifs, les bêtes, les politiques
New Facsimile edition of a brochure published on the occasion of an eponymous exhibition at Centre genevois de gravure contemporaine in 1995.

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