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MER. Paper Kunsthalle

MER. Paper Kunsthalle foundation was established in 2005 in order to examine the possibilities and position of books as places to exhibit art. Since their incipience, art books often developed as rigid catalogues or aide-mémoires. They were seldom considered as genuine spaces to exhibit living art. However, from Dada onwards artists have always thought of books as independent exhibiting spaces. From its creation onwards, MER keeps building further on this specific artistic practice. 
One of MER. Paper Kunsthalle's main focuses therefore is to provide this singular exhibiting space to artists, by creating an institutional platform that publishes art books in a different fashion. MER. calls itself a Paper Kunsthalle; because it initiates, develops and supports art exhibiting within the medium book.
Since its launch MER. Paper Kunsthalle has produced, curated and published over 300 books with and by underserved to established artists. MER has also experimented with exhibiting artists' books as independent works of art, in artistic spaces. These nomadic, curatorial exhibitions go by the name MER. Station, and have been presented in a wide range of national and international artistic venues.
In 2018 MER. Paper Kunsthalle entrusted its book publishing activities to Borgerhoff & Lambrigts NV, where it continues its programme under the MER. Imprint.
6 titles
Béatrice Balcou - Cérémonies
bilingual edition (English / French)
The complete Ceremonies (2013-2020) by Béatrice Balcou, testing our visual and experiential approach to artworks, confronting us with the basic status of material objects before actually revealing their identity.
Valérian Goalec - Elements–03 - From Their Desk
bilingual edition (English / French)
Artist's book.
Thierry De Cordier - Dieu
French edition
As stated in the preface to this volume, the artist endeavoured to uncover the absolute absurdity that would be God and started one day to collect all affirmations of his being, whatever their character or source, contradictory or not. (...) The result is a 284 pages compendium buffering even the most avid reader.
Daniel Buren - Libretto - Daniel Buren : une fresque (box set)
French edition
The journal/catalogue conceived by Daniel Buren for his retrospective at BOZAR.
E. L. T. Mesens - L\'alphabet d\'étoiles d\'E.L.T. Mesens - Dada & le surréalisme à Bruxelles, Paris & Londres
French edition
The catalogue of the Ostend exhibition, a reference publication on Dada and Surrealism around the figure of E.L.T. Mesens, a pillar of the surrealist movement in Belgium.
Matt Mullican - The Meaning of Things
English edition
currently out of stock
This artist's book is the book-form of a work by Matt Mullican, "The Meaning of Things (who feels the most pain?)" (2014), con sisting of 676 collages and texts on sheets of standard printing paper.

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