Founded by Yves Drillet, Nouveau Palais is a French publishing house with documentary photography as main subject. Nouveau Palais values the text and the way it can work with pictures.
Chris Dorley Brown - A History of the East End
bilingual edition (English / French)
Four decades of urban change in London's East End: a comprehensive retrospective of the British photographer's documentation work since the 1980s.
Maria Muhle - Devenir invisible
bilingual edition (German / French)
At a time when refugees in Europe are caught between a "return" policy and the rise of far right governments, this book combines photography and philosophy to examine the representation of refugees.
Antoine Seiter - J & A
French edition
By photographing his sister Julia's adolescence over a decade, Antoine Seiter bears witness to the language that a face can develop by constantly raising the question of portraiture. Julia's story is interrupted by that of young Achilles, the hero of Marc Faysse's novel. Parallel to the photographic work in the theme of the passage to adulthood, the story is a homosexual love story that brings emancipation.
Myr Muratet - Silent Blocks
bilingual edition (English / French)
Silent Blocks considers two point of views on the Covid-19 pandemic and the way it is dealt by Western countries during the lockdowns of spring 2020. First, Myr Muratet's photographs in a silent Paris. Then, the thoughts of Canadian science journalist David Cayley, based on the work of philosopher Ivan Illich.
Yves Drillet - Garçon de Café
French edition
A book of photographs and texts showing young people in their precarious work uniforms, drawing up a sensitive social chronicle of the precariousness of work among this generation.

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