Matière Mémoire

Matière Mémoire is a Belgian label devoted to experimental and contemporary music.
3 titles
Kassel Jaeger - MMXX-13: Vol Sombre (vinyl EP)
A subtle expanse of delicate ambiences and long tones, meticulously constructed into an immersive sonorous world.
Stephen O\'Malley - MMXX-11: Öst Väst Sommaren (vinyl EP)
currently out of stock
A vast expanse of intricate ambience, texture, and tone that encounters Stephen O'Malley exploring quiet, introspective depths.
Phill Niblock - MMXX-12: Browner (vinyl LP)
currently out of stock
A piece made with materials from four artists (Arne Deforce, cello; Deborah Walker, cello; Erik Drescher, flute; Dafne Vicent Sandoval, bassoon), recorded in Marcus Schmickler's studio in Koln, with a Brauner microphone.

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