Matière Mémoire

Matière Mémoire is a Belgian label devoted to experimental and contemporary music.
31 titles
Oren Ambarchi - MMXX-16 - Viscount Gort (vinyl EP)
A beautiful work that features piano, electronics, processing, and field recordings.
Carlos Casas - MMXX-19 - 1883 (Sound Model I) (vinyl EP)
An uncanny electroacoustic composition that incorporates field recordings, synthesis, and acoustic sources, among Carlos Casas's most ambitious and accomplished musical endeavors to date.
Shiva Feshareki - MMXX-20 - Nebula (vinyl EP)
A work of orchestral scale, merging a vast number of heavily manipulated sound-sources, made from the most minimal means by the British-Iranian experimental composer and turntabist.
Bérangère Maximin - MMXX-18 - Komora (vinyl EP)
Building on the ground of many of the historic French electroacoustic pioneers connected to studios like Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM), while moving into new realms, this electroacoustic composition of sprawling scope weaves a free-standing world of texture and sublimated tonality to produce ambient expanses comprising pointillistic detail drawing on unplaceable generative sources.
Joachim Nordwall - MMXX-17 - Before it gets better, it will get worse (vinyl EP)
Joachim Nordwall proposes for his contribution to the MMXX series a singular gesture built around captured vocalizations: the work's title, spoken by a number of voices, stands as doubling mantra and raw material, increasingly repeated layered, processed, and fed with further tonal and textural interventions over its duration, allowing Nordwall to push the boundaries of his own practice, between musique concrète, sound-art, and experimental electroacoustic music.
Giovanni Di Domenico - Treatments (2 vinyl LP)
Italian pianist, performer and composer Giovanni Di Domenico presents 4 new pieces in collaboration with Eiko Ishibashi, Jim O'Rourke, Joe Talia and Tatsuhisa Yamamoto.
Mauro Lanza - MMXX-14 - Fully Automated Luxury Communism (vinyl EP)
Italian composer Mauro Lanza delivers a masterful and radical work of electroacoustic artistry with his contribution to Matière Mémoire's MMXX Series, between electronic and acoustic tactics, pushing the boundaries of experimental and avant-garde music.
Hampus Lindwall - MMXX-15 - Lost & Found (vinyl EP)
With touchstones in electronic dance music, and forward-thinking, synthesizer based abstraction, Hampus Lindwall’s contribution to Matière Mémoire's MMXX Series weaves a singularly striking world of pulsing, organized sound.
Phill Niblock - MMXX-12 - Browner (vinyl LP)
A piece made with materials from four artists (Arne Deforce and Deborah Walker, cello; Erik Drescher, flute; Dafne Vicent Sandoval, bassoon), recorded in Marcus Schmickler's studio in Koln, with a Brauner microphone.
Stephen O\'Malley - MMXX-11 - Öst Väst Sommaren (vinyl EP)
A vast expanse of intricate ambience, texture, and tone that encounters Stephen O'Malley exploring quiet, introspective depths.
Giuseppe Ielasi - MMXX-10 - Untitled, 2020 (vinyl EP)
Giuseppe Ielasi experiments for the MMXX series with edgy and unpredictable rhythmic elements, buzzing tones and unusual environments.
Karbé Dinel - MMXX-09 - Ouroboros (vinyl EP)
Karbe Dinel creates a complex work of sound that shifts through diverse moods and seamlessly dovetailed sections, using synthesizer and effects to create deep resonating tones and high pitched complements, mysterious grainy ambience, haunting chambers of drifting electronics; a mysterious and compelling journey in the electronic realm.
Franck Vigroux - BestiaIRE (vinyl LP)
A piece composed by Phill Niblock, performed live by Ensemble IRE trio: Kasper T. Toeplitz (ebass), Franck Vigroux (eguitar), Hélène Breschand (e harp) on side A / a piece composed and performed by Kasper T.Toeplitz (ebass) and Franck Vigroux (guitar, electronics) on side B.
Jim O\'Rourke - MMXX-07 - In all due deference (vinyl EP)
Jim O'Rourke's masterful abstract contribution to the MMXX series.
An extended drone work performed on organ, building from a peaceful single note to a harmonically rich and subtile combination of tones.
Mika Vainio - P V T (vinyl LP)
In October 2013, Charlemagne Palestine, Mika Vainio and Eric Thielemans got together for the first time, meeting each other at Les Ateliers Claus in Brussels, for a 4 day residency and 2 live performances. The music of the residency takes, edited by Thielemans, mixed and mastered by Frederic Allstadt, is now released on Matière Mémoire and Godbear, Charlemagne Palestine's archival music label.

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