Accattone explores minor practices in art and architecture through the specific means of the printed magazine. As an exhibition on paper, each issue is a montage of contributions whose shared positions towards reality, history and representation resonate with one another.
In the current landscape of non-commercial publications, Accattone's originality lies in the strong visual orientation and in the close association of methods, editorial devices and featured contents. Through these experiments, crossing the methods of artists-as-iconographers with emerging architectural practices, Accattone addresses critically a fundamental aspect of thinking and practice: the working document and the changing status of the image.
A-periodical, self-published in Brussels by two architects (Sophie Dars & Carlo Menon) and two graphic designers (Ismaël Bennani & Orfée Grandhomme), Accattone has gained international recognition and distribution in both professional and academic contexts, including the first Index Architecture Book Fair (Mexico City), the Venice Biennale, the ICA (London) and the CCA (Montreal).

Accattone is also an editorial platform publishing monographic and collective books.
4 titles
Éva Le Roi - Five Stories of São Paulo
English edition
A project by Éva Le Roi & Pierre Burquel (drawings and sketches of São Paulo); hand drawings by Éva Le Roi.
English edition
(last copies available!)
Accattone #6 explores a renewed relationship with land, matter, “nature” and localities against the backdrop of the new climatic regime.
Simon Boudvin - Un nouveau musée
French edition
Simon Boudvin brings a narrative but also political depth to the architectural project of building the new museum of folklore in Mouscon.
Armin Linke - Accattone
English edition
Based entirely on the work of Armin Linke, Accattone #5 explores photography in relation to the major architecture of public and private institutions: the infrastructure of the Roman Empire, neoclassical Athens, the United Nations headquarters, neo-liberal corporate environments and the fragile European institutions in Brussels.

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