Room40 is an influential Australian experimental label run by Lawrence English.
Red Hill
7 titles
Lawrence English - Viento (CD + book)
In 2010, Lawrence English made field recordings in Patagonia. You can hear abandoned buildings, lone trees folded over in fields of tundra-like grasses, quivering road signs, wailing fences and other objects shaken into life by the wind. In the booklet, the sounds are accompanied by pictures.
Mike Cooper - Oceans Of Milk And Treacle (book + CD)
Oceans Of Milk And Treacle is a soundtrack for an otherwise silent film. The title of the album, and of course the film, is borrowed from Mike Cooper's late friend Fred Hardy's book The Religious Culture of India – Power, Love and Wisdom, considered to be one of the most important books on the subject.
Steve Roden - Oionos (livre + CD)
An evocative muscial tribute to Greek architect and painter Dimitris Pikionis, based on field recordings and small "poor" objects such as tin whistles, music boxes and toy harmonicas.
Eugene Ughetti - Array (vinyl LP)
(last copies available!)
Array expresses the experience of a remote Antarctic research station through the convergence of sound, site and performance. The result is an immersive and affective experience of the spaces, protocols and conditions comprising the bracing polar environment.
David Toop - Breathing Spirit Forms (CD + book)
A series of in situ improvisations on Mount Tamborine in Australia.
Marina Rosenfeld - Index (CD + book)
An investigation of dubplate decay and the tactile relationship to the disc.
David Shea - The Thousand Buddha Caves (CD)
sold out
David Shea's The Thousand Buddha Caves explores his deep and continuous interest in the nexus of eastern and western musical forms. The recording charts his life long fascination with the caves and their connection to sound, ritual and Buddhist teachings. The record transposes those interests and is an evocation to the mythologies spinning forth from the caves.

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