Stephen O'Malley

Stephen O'Malley (born in 1974 in Seattle, lives and works in Paris) is a composer and musician. O'Malley's multifaceted, multidisciplinary interests intersect on many levels. He has been involved in hundreds of concerts and performances around the world over since 1993. O'Malley is a founding member of several groups and a frequent collaborator of many outsider musicians, artists and composers in various formations, in concert and studio settings. Wildly prolific, His oeuvre is defined by its remarkable breadth and complexity and includes collaborations with a wide range of musicians, including Scott Walker, Merzbow, Jim O'Rourke, Keiji Haino, Mats Gustafsson, Peter Rehberg, James Plotkin, Z'EV, and Oren Ambarchi; French choreographer and theater director Gisèle Vienne; author Dennis Cooper; contemporary composers Iancu Dumitrescu, Roger Tessier, Eyvind Kang and Alvin Lucier; Israeli conductor Ilan Volkov; American sculptor Banks Violette; Italian performance artist Nico Vascellari; Luxembourg's filmmaker artists Gast Bouschet & Nadine Hilbert; Swiss artist Emily Ding; American filmmaker Jim Jarmusch; Fashion designer Rick Owens; Belgian filmmaker Alexis Destoop; and many others.
Stephen O\'Malley - Sept duos pour guitare acoustique & piano préparé (2 vinyl LP)
Shelter Press - Records
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The second collaboration between Stephen O'Malley and Anthony Pateras, this time entirely acoustic, based around an acoustic guitar and prepared piano: a music that seems suspended, captivating by its almost organic coherence and modal simplicity, behind which resonances and subtle plays of pitch develop.
Stephen O\'Malley - Cylene Suisse Redux (vinyl LP)
Editions Mego
currently out of stock
Cylene Suisse Redux documents François J. Bonnet and Stephen O'Malley's Switzerland tour in December 2019, following the release of their first album, Cylene, whose material is re-worked by Jim O'Rourke and Ryoji Ikeda.
Stephen O\'Malley - MMXX-11 - Öst Väst Sommaren (vinyl EP)
Matière Mémoire
25.00 21.00 €
A vast expanse of intricate ambience, texture, and tone that encounters Stephen O'Malley exploring quiet, introspective depths.
Stephen O\'Malley - Rêve Noir (CD)
sold out
Cross-continental tape exorcisms.
Stephen O\'Malley - Eternelle Idole (2 vinyl LP)
Shelter Press - Records
sold out
The long awaited documentation of the score of Paris based choreographer Gisèle Vienne's eponymous artistic ice skating choreographic piece.

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