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On Patterns

Adelaide Cioni - On Patterns
Une exploration du motif pictural, suivant les fils conducteurs de la recherche de l'artiste italienne : la nature, le langage, l'artisanat, l'abstraction et le mouvement.
What are patterns? How do they get rooted in our imagery? What do they tell us about ourselves and our relationship with nature, space, and infinity? How are they connected to music? Why do we find the same ones appearing in so many distant parts of the world? These are some of the questions that the new book Adelaide Cioni: On Patterns wants to explore. Cioni has investigated these themes in her practice through drawings, fabrics, performances, spatial installations, and collaborations with dancers and musicians.
Produced on the occasion of Cioni's first solo exhibition in the United Kingdom—
Ab Ovo / On Patterns—at Mimosa House, London, the book aims to present the artist's research. It follows five main threads in her work: nature, language, craft, abstraction, and movement.
Adelaide Cioni (née en 1976 à Bologne) travaille à l'intersection de la peinture, du textile et de la performance. Le dessin est au cœur de sa pratique, basée sur une approche féministe non narrative.
Textes de Daria Khan, Jennifer Higgie, Ilaria Puri Purini, Jareh Das, Agnieszka Gratza, and Cecilia Canziani.
paru en mai 2023
édition anglaise
16,5 x 23 cm (broché)
144 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-88-6749-576-4
EAN : 9788867495764
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On Patterns On Patterns On Patterns On Patterns On Patterns On Patterns On Patterns On Patterns On Patterns On Patterns

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