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John Armleder, Ana Jotta, William Kentridge, Teo Schifferli - 2/5
Four artist's posters.
John M Armleder finds inspiration in a Tibetan drawing used for an exercise in eye gymnastics; the original image is treated in negative with the choice of a solid red surround. The folding on the A6 format is accompanied by an insert, a fragment of text from the Tibetan charter.

Ana Jotta (MY HEART BELONGS TO YOU) works over an existing drawing dating from the nineteen-fifties, unearthed at the flea market. This echoes her own experience when Portuguese high school students were invited to make life drawings on Almaço paper. The heart drawn on the vase also refers to a traditional motif used on Portuguese artisanal pottery.

William Kentridge (APOPTOSIS) proposes the drawing of a tree on the recto, three drawings and a text on the verso, recall his indignation at the death of a tree, a tree planted in his garden when he was a 9 year-old child. It should have lived up to a hundred or even two hundred years. The text ruminates on the inner sapling growing within us all that we hope will reach full fruition. 

69 / 96 is the title of an exhibition designed by Bob Nickas, Fredi Fishli and Niels Olsen. Teo Schifferli takes up a cover project for a catalogue edited by Patrick Frey editions, for which he designed the graphics: two rubbings from the front and back covers of the publication are taken and enlarged on A2 format.
The 2/5 series falls into the artist's publications category published by Captures. Four guests per year work within the same space of an open A2 format sheet (420 x 594mm), giving rise to various proposals depending on how the sheet is folded. The four titles are distributed together in an envelope at the end of each year.
One of the most important and admired artists of the last decades of the 20th century and of the 21st, John M Armleder (born 1948 in Geneva) has created multiple and fertile bodies of work spanning all artistic disciplines, from his distinctive Furniture Sculptures to his Fluxus performances within the Écart collective, from his diverse painting series to his drawing practice, from his striking installations and wall paintings to his numerous works created in collaboration with artist friends.
Ana Jotta (born 1946 in Lisbon, Portugal)'s output is one of the most singular art practices of the European art scene. Appropriating and giving new life to the objects, images, writings, and inventions of others, whether artists or amateurs, she questions the notions of categorization and originality. Her practice explores all artistic mediums: painting, sculpture, installation, audio, photography, as well as the so-called minor arts (sewing, embroidery, ceramics). Her work frees itself from any identifiable style, rejecting the very notion of signature, with a biting irony and an intelligent use of space and assemblage. 
A native of South Africa, William Kentridge (born 1955 in Johannesburg) has gained international recognition as one of the greatest artists of his generation. One of the last twenty years' most prolific creators, he explores all mediums with consummate ease, including drawing, engraving, sculpture, tapestry, animated film, performance and video installation.
After graduating from ECAL in 2012, Swiss graphic designer Teo Schifferli joined the Maximage and NORM agencies before setting up his own office in Zurich in 2014. His style is distinguished by the mathematical harmony he establishes between images, color and typography. He has produced a series of books for the art and architecture space STUDIOLO in Zurich, published with Editions Patrick Frey. He has thus designed the graphics for six books that have won awards at the Most Beautiful Swiss Books Awards, as in 2016 for Legislating Architecture Schweiz. In parallel, Schifferli works with the Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture (gta) at ETH Zurich, for which he is in charge of visual communication. He also founded the experimental magazine Periodico with Marc Asekhame.
Graphic design: Jocelyne Fracheboud.
published in February 2021
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4 folded posters (format A6 / A4) in an craft envelope
ISBN : 978-2-491549-10-7
EAN : 9782491549107
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