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Le fruit vert, Delphine Dora - À  La Becque
À La Becque is a semi-digital sonorous publication documenting the meeting of three musicians during their brief stay at La Becque, an artist residency in La Tour-de-Peilz (Switzerland). Both a digital album and artist book, the publication comprises 12 pages printed on a risograph, and includes a hyperlink to download seven improvisations (keyboards, voice, synthesizers and objects; 38 minutes).
In July of 2019, Delphine Dora and Le fruit vert sojourned at La Becque artist residence in La Tour-de-Peilz (Switzerland). Here they prepared a performance to be given at Festival La Cité in Lausanne (Switzerland), in the context of the carte blanche given to three:four records. From this encounter, a lively musical conversation emerged. À La Becque is a distillation of sketches, experimentations, and improvisations recorded in their practice studio. It is also a project that marks the beginning of a friendship, crystallizing a collaboration that began from a distance, several months earlier when Delphine Dora invited Le fruit vert to compose arrangements for two pieces that appear on her record, L'inattingible (2020, three:four records). 
Designed and printed on a risograph by Marie-Douce St-Jacques, the twelve-page booklet that accompanies this digital release can be likened to a game in collage form. The musicians, which we chance upon making field recordings — are cut out and dispersed across the landscape, creating a series of intriguing tableaux. 
Includes a digital download code.

First edition of 150, hand numbered.

Le laps publishing house presents a new series of hybrid print/digital releases. In this series the recordings, accessed by digital download, are rendered physical in the form of a risograph-printed artist book, inserted in a hand printed paper bag. The publication is comparable in size to the sleeve of a 45 and can be easily filed in any record collection.
Le fruit vert is the music project of sound artist Andrea-Jane Cornell (who currently resides in the United States) and publisher and interdisciplinary artist Marie-Douce St-Jacques (Canada). The duo has released two albums: Passiflore, on Los Discos Enfantasmes (2013, re-issued by Them There Records in 2018), and Paon perdu, released by three:four records (2017).
Pianist, vocalist, improviser, composer, and founder of the Wild Silence label, French artist Delphine Dora has been actively creating music since 2005 — releasing several records on French and international labels, notably, three:four records, Okraïna Records, Feeding Tube Records, Fort Evil Fruit, and Bezirk Tapes.
Delphine Dora: voice, keyboard.
Andrea-Jane Cornell: objects, synthesizer.
Marie-Douce St-Jacques: voice, keyboard, synthesizer.

Mastered by Sean McCann.

Graphic design and printing: Marie-Douce St-Jacques.
published in June 2020
French edition
18,5 x 18,5 cm (saddle staples), inserted in a hand printed paper bag (29 x 21,5 cm)
12 pages (ill.)
in stock

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