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Le laps

Le laps is an independent publishing house founded in 2010 by Marie-Douce St-Jacques in collaboration with graphic designers Baptiste Alchourroun and Amandine Guillard. Anchored in the margins of literature, the Montreal-based publisher celebrates singular minds from all backgrounds. These texts, essays, conceptual and experimental projects are published with great care in small format books.
Sophie Jodoin - Les confessions
French edition
An artist's book that reflects Sophie Jodoin's ongoing preoccupation with the interaction of language with images.
Émilie Mouchous - D\'un érotisme botanique
bilingual edition (English / French)
A poetic narrative in which the author, sound artist Émilie Mouchous, investigates her own psyche through an exploration of plants. The artist's first publication features a hyperlink to download the soundtrack of the poem, an 18-minute piece with voice and synthesizers.
Anne-F Jacques - Roches rencontrées
bilingual edition (English / French)
Sound artist Anne-F Jacques' first publication: an inventory of objects and materials with which she produces sound and kinetic assemblages. The book features a selection of recent drawings from the artist's notebooks.
Alexandre St-Onge - Nude de chose de même
bilingual edition (English / French)
This publication is the result of a sound improvisation project by audio artist Alexandre St-Onge. It gathers a collection of hermetic poetry texts and 13 tracks of experimental sounds to download.
Simon Brown - Mollesse dure
French edition
A both ambivalent and poetic narrative written by Canadian author and artist Simon Brown.
Daïchi Saïto - Moving the Sleeping Images of Things Towards the Light
bilingual edition (English / French)
Part essay, part autobiography, the first book by Japanese filmmaker Daïchi Saïto offers a reflection on the artist's life, career and practice. With a foreword by André Habib, professor of film studies at the University of Montreal and a specialist in experimental cinema.

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