Alga Marghen

Alga Marghen is an Italian label founded in 1996 by Emanuele Carcano, specialised in sound poetry, artists' records, 20th century composition and outsider music.
3 titles
Phill Niblock - Boston III / Tenor / Index (vinyl LP)
Some of the earliest works by American composer Phill Niblock, including three never before released pieces: "Index" (1969), "Tenor," and "Boston III" (both from 1972). Until now, it's been impossible to encounter Niblock's compositions from earlier than the 1960s, a reality thankfully rectified by the long overdue publication of this LP on Alga Marghen.
Aldo Clementi - Collage (vinyl LP)
Two previously unreleased collages for magnetic tape, both realized at the Studio di Fonologia Muisicale RAI in Milan. These pieces are precious testimonials to Aldo Clementi's intense and ongoing interest in electronic music in the 1960s.
Matthieu Saladin - Sounds of Silence (vinyl LP)
An anthology of silence pieces from the records history.

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