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Second Editions (4 titles)
Second Editions is a record label for contemporary and experimental music.
Serving as a score for David Hartt's film of the same name about the Habitat Puerto Rico project by Moshe Safdie, In The Forest finds Karl Fousek at his most focussed and controlled.

Eva-Maria Houben's music has somehow always been about perspective. These two new pieces, one for piano and one for organ, are once again prime examples.

Originally conceived for live context employing high volume playback and extended duration, Conduit pushes the parameters of musical composition and perception. Minimal in construction, applying high frequency staccatissimo that gradually turns in on itself, Kaori Suzuki's latest output delivers a striking twenty-six minutes of intoxicating computer music. A remarkable statement.

Composer/organist/musicologist Eva-Maria Houben's most compelling piece to date.