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The Secret Files of Gilbert & George (DVD)

Gilbert & George - The Secret Files of Gilbert & George (DVD)
An interview with G&G, filmed by Hans Ulrich Obrist.
This interview, filmed in 2000 by the curator Hans Ulrich Obrist for an exhibition at the Musée d'Art moderne de la Ville de Paris, concentrates on the hysteria of the archive and the collection. Through this document, which does not fit into any distinct category (documentary, oeuvre, fiction) we discover the couple's intimate life, the interior of their London house, a veritable museum of obsessions. Beyond good and bad, appearances and things (negatives, books, press cuttings … ), we finally penetrate the material and method of these artists, their particular manner of thinking and categorizing which is itself a philosophy on art and life.
« Gilbert & George, interviewed by Hans Ulrich Obrist, reveal and comment on the contents of their work archives with a detachment and self-mockery that make this document hilarious at times. »
Gilbert & George are Gilbert Prousch (born in South Tyrol, Italy, 1943) and George Passmore (born in England, 1942). They live and work in London. For the last 40 years the artistes have spanned the international art scene with as much insolence as elegance. Real living sculptures, they have developed a repetitive language around recurrent figures and themes: shit, piss, blood tears, nudity, sperm, alcohol, drugs. Theirs is an oeuvre that has radically overturned conventions and thinking of the period, and which refers literally to homosexuality, exclusion, social and religious violence.
Edited by BDV (Bureau des videos)
published in 2007
bilingual edition (English / French)
13,5 x 19 cm - DVD Multizone
35 minutes
ISBN : 978-3-905770-58-2
EAN : 9783905770582
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The Secret Files of Gilbert & George (DVD)

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