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 - Kino/Atelier
A book produced in conjunction with Bauer Verlag's eponymous series of screenings at the Studio/Cinema in Brooklyn, with about 25 contributions.
Here, as elsewhere, a semiotic connection between the field of publishing and film is established.
– Giuliana Bruno

I am therefore not going to make this film, but try to imagine what it might have been on the basis of the few clues that I have just given you.
– Roland Sabatier

In Ottinger's case documentary and fiction are intertwined, exposing documentary as a form of fiction; and vice versa.
– Kerstin Stakemeier

If you're willing, picture this:
– Elissa Suh

A world in which the tears of a Madonna are somehow important as opposed to, and incommensurate with, a world in which such tears no longer count for anything at all.
Pier Paolo Pasolini

In French, décor means "film set," and Broodthaers's consistent use of the term reminds us of the intensity with which he engaged in filmmaking [...] and marks the extent to which his practice [...] was filmic in concept even when not in fact.
– Rachel Haidu

In Notari's advertisements the words used for the release of a film include pubblicato and edito, both of which mean "published."
– Giuliana Bruno
Leslie Bauer and Richard Eß are visual artists living and working in Frankfurt and Paris.
Edited by Leslie Bauer and Richard Eß.
Texts and contributions by Kai Althoff, Bruce Baillie, Leslie Bauer, Steve Beck, Giuliana Bruno, Érik Bullot, Shirley Clarke, Eros in Le Wind, Mark Fisher, Rachel Haidu, Hilary Harris, Storm de Hirsch, Karl Holmqvist, Peter Larsen, Marie Menken, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Jonas Raam, Jennifer Reeves, Lis Rhodes, Kerstin Stakemeier, Straub-Huillet, Elissa Suh, C.Vanaik, Nicholas Vargelis, VUE Committee.
published in November 2020
English edition
14,1 x 20,3 cm (softcover)
96 pages
ISBN : 978-3-946701-16-3
EAN : 9783946701163
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