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Sylvie Fleury's abondant production is perfectly suited to the state of avant-garde art today. Radically seen as excessive (form, colour, sources) but rarely as huge, admittedly more of an artistic language than a fascination or irony, Fleury's work is a singular masterful interpretation of her relationship with space.
Sylvie Fleury (born 1961 in Geneva) is known for her mises-en-scène of glamour, fashion, and luxury products. Her work generally depicts objects with sentimental and aesthetic resonance in consumer culture, as well as the paradigms of the new age. In particular, much of her work addresses issues of gendered consumption and fetishistic relationships with consumer objects.
Texts by Y. Aupetitallot, C. Bernard, E. Troncy, M. Brüderlin, L. Gillick, M. Nicol.

Co-edited by Janvier / RMN
Co-production with the Modern and Contemporean Museum of Geneva, the Mamco and the Magasin - contemporean art national center, Grenoble.
published in 2001
trilingual edition (English / German / French)
20,5 x 26,2 cm (hardcover)
200 pages (320 colour illustrations)
ISBN : 978-2-7118-4313-8
EAN : 9782711843138
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