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Le docteur Olive dans la cuisine avec le revolverMonographies et entretiens 1989-2002

Éric Troncy - Le docteur Olive dans la cuisine avec le revolver
Texts and interviews by Eric Troncy. Eric Troncy presents an anthology of mongraphs and interviews dedicated to artists of our times. More than the portrait of a generation of artists, Doctor Olive traces a whole philosopy around contemporary activity, without sparing accounts of the deviations and abberations that distinguish it.
Éric Troncy is an art critic, curator, editor of Frog and Documents sur l'art magazines, collaborator for Beaux-Arts magazine, Numéro, Les Inrockuptibles, author of numerous catalog texts, and co-director of the Consortium (contemporary art center of Dijon, France).
published in 2002
French edition
15 x 21 cm
304 pages
ISBN : 978-2-84066-077-4
EAN : 9782840660774
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