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En lisant la Lorelei / Autour de la Lorelei

Marcel Broodthaers - En lisant la Lorelei / Autour de la Lorelei
Reproduction of the artist's book published in 1975.
In the first place Marcel Broodthaers' book « En lisant la Lorelei,... » was exhibited at the Kunstmuseum of Basle in 1974. According to inquiry, it is both a remarkable collection and detailed analysis of this largely unedited corpus. Broodthaers' polymorphic work is genetically decomposed: methods of fragmentation, association strategy, dissemination tactics, poetical mytho-critical rearticulation, spectacle deconstruction, etc. So much intuitiveness and so many gestures against which he declares war.
En lisant la Lorelei is sold with the critical edition Autour de la Lorelei.
Original title: En lisant la Lorelei / Wie ich die Lorelei gelesen habe (1975).
published in 1997
French edition
17 x 24 cm (broché)
40 pages (33 colour reproductions) + 208 pages (153 b/w and 18 colour reproductions)
ISBN : 978-2-940159-08-6
EAN : 9782940159086
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