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De cœur à cœur

Marc Hurtado - De cœur à cœur
A large survey of Marc Hurtado's cinematographic, musical, poetic and plastic work, with texts by some thirty authors, artists, critics, poets and musicians from all over the world (Lydia Lunch, Pascal Comelade, Nicolas Ballet, F.J. Ossang, Kris Needs, Nick Soulsby, Nicole Brenez, Vincent Deville, Romain Perrot, Alexandre Breton, Marie Möör...).
A key figure in the French experimental music scene, Marc Hurtado (born 1962 in Rabat, Morocco) is half of the French experimental duo Étant Donnés with his brother Éric. He is also a producer, poet, visual artist and filmmaker. Active since the late 1970s, he has released more than 50 albums, performed more than 500 concerts around the world, directed some thirty films, and has exhibited in many international institutions and galleries. He has collaborated with Alan Vega, Genesis P. Orridge, Lydia Lunch, Michael Gira, Gabi Delgado, Mark Cunningham, Saba Komossa, Christophe, Erik Truffaz, Christophe Van Huffel, Philippe Grandrieux, Pierre-Luc Vaillancourt, Mathieu Dufois, Jessica Hausner, Philippe Roche, Sébastien Vitré (Manherd), Bachir Attar (leader of the Master Musicians of Jajouka), Vomir, Z'EV, The Hacker, Pascal Comelade, Alice Botté, HIV+, Usher...
Edited by José Sarmiento and Mónica Delgado.
Texts by Elisa Arca, Nicolas Ballet, Etienne Bomba, Nicole Brenez, Alexandre Breton, Pascal Comelade, Mónica Delgado, Vincent Deville, Eugénie Doro, Mathieu Dufois, Marc Hurtado, Florencia Incarbone, Lydia Lunch, Marie Möör, Kris Needs, F.J. Ossang, Romain Perrot, José Sarmiento Hinojosa, Ivonne Sheen, Nick Soulsby, Pierre-Luc Vaillancourt, Sébastien Vitré, Sebastián Wiedemann.
2024 (publication expected by 1st quarter)
French edition
ISBN : 978-2-37896-457-3
EAN : 9782378964573

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