Pascal Comelade

French-Catalan pianist and composer Pascal Comelade (born in 1955 in Montpellier) is an unclassifiable and highly respected figure of the French music scene, author of a vast and influential discography, both perfectly labyrinthine and absolutely coherent, mixing rock'n'roll, traditional and popular music, minimalism and toy instruments. He has collaborated with Richard Pinhas, Pierre Bastien, Jac Berrocal, Jaki Liebezeit (Can), Robert Wyatt, Faust, PJ Harvey...
Pascal Comelade - Alex Barbier chante... (vinyl 10\
La Belle Brute
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Recording of a duo that used to perform only once a year at the Plouc festival in Fillols (France), with Pascal Comelade at the piano and toy-piano and the comic artist Alex Barbier singing, in drag, female realist songs from the 1920s.
Pascal Comelade - Stranger in Paradigm (10\
Vand'Œuvre / CCAM Éditions
Unreleased tracks by Pascal Comelade recorded here on a collector 10" vinyl numbered to 1 000 copies. Listeners will discover his covers of the Ramones, Chuck Berry, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, The Gun Club, Lords of the New Church (recorded live with the Bel Canto Orchestra in 2005 at the TGP in Frouard) as well as original pieces by Pascal Comelade. 

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