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ACME is an associative publishing house based in Lausanne (Switzerland), active in the wider circle of culture. Founded in 2013 with the aim of setting up a regular publishing activity of books and objects by young Swiss artists and designers, it works to create opportunities for transdisciplinary collaboration.
4 titles
Lola Nadel - Les papiers mâcheurs
French edition
The story of a therapeutic experience with paper mache initiated in a Geneva shelter and which ended up "outside the walls", illustrating how another psychiatry is possible.
Pauline Piguet - SCT-PP
French edition
Artist's book exploring the notion of rigor in experimentation through the constraints of the grid and structure.
Pauline Piguet - Dos Imperial
French edition
Similar to a travel diary, sprinkled with tropes of paradisiacal holidays, Dos Imperial interweaves the work of an artist, Bruno Aeberli, a graphic designer, Pauline Piguet, and a writer, Simon Dubois.
Chloé Tun Tun - Last Time Burma
English edition
A photographic journey of rediscovery of the native country of the Swiss photographer of Burmese origin, in search of the familiar in the "exotic".

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