Despite the lockdown measures in France, the distribution is still active so all titles remain available. Many thanks for your support! (squintfuckerpress) is an audio-centric publisher based in Canada and founded in 1999 by Christof Migone and Alexandre St-Onge.
5 titles
Vivian Darroch-Lozowski - Voice of Hearing
English edition
A phenomenology of voice and hearing.
Alexandre St-Onge - Entonnoir de Nous
French edition
Entonnoir de Nous: a machine misunderstands two humans over several years, and unwittingly writes a book of poetry.
Alexandre St-Onge - Jet du bas dit AA l\'eau guet avec l\'invisible
French edition
Book / sonic sculpture.
Maude Pilon - Grande poussière
French edition
Grande poussière is the product of a collaborative poetic writing process carried out over the course of several years. Forms, approaches and sensibilities come face to face, an uneasy meeting of words and matter.

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