*DUUU is a webradio dedicated to contemporary creation, based in Gennevilliers. Founded in 2012 by artists, *DUUU is both a tool for producing radio situations, a platform for creating sound objects, and a moving archive.
4 titles
Julien Perez - Vert Vert (vinyl LP)
A project of Angélique Buisson after a poem of Jean-Baptiste Gresset, published in 1734, composed and interpreted by PEREZ.
Simon Ripoll-Hurier - HITS (vinyl LP)
A territorial project but also a collective, musical, social and political experience of listening and exchange.
Louise Siffert - Gut Feelings - Melodies and Aromas (vinyl LP)
With the vinyl recording of a musical, the artist proposes a new chapter in her project on fermentation as a living, palpable theory that blends body, feminism, and community.
Théo Robine-Langlois - C\'est toujours beaux un nuage au pire c\'est chiant (vinyl LP)
A radio novel inspired by the author's previous publication, associating infuences from sound fictions, experimental music, sound poetry, and rap.

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