Gitte Villesen

Born 1965 in Ansager (Denmark), Gitte Villesen lives and works Copenhagen. Meetings and conversations are central to her work. She documents these encounters in videos, photographic series, and installations, which are often combined with additional material such as photographs, texts, or collections of objects. 
"All my works start with a curiosity toward a specific person—and how each person approaches their life, certain attitudes, their passions, ideas and dreams, and how this combines with the reality in which they live, whether that's related to gender, or cultural or historical circumstances. The work deals with stories, and an awareness of what it means to tell someone else's story. Each work is a portrait of a meeting as much as it is a portrait of a specific person. In some works, and to varying degrees, the participants are involved in the discussion about their own representation as collaborators."
Gitte Villesen - I stick my hands into the earth, and I think for a while
English edition
Archive Books
Publication gathering 49 posters representing photographs and film stills by the Danish artist. It also includes a booklet with comments by Villesen, and an essay by Joerg Franzbecker.
Gitte Villesen - The Story Is Not All Mine, Nor Told By Me Alone - Works 1994-2009
English edition
JRP|Editions - Artists' books & editions
Most of Gitte Villesen's works made since 1994.

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