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You can go anywhereThe Josef and Anni Albers Foundation at 50 (box set)

 - You can go anywhere
A large series of essays, written by people from around the world who have contributed to the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation's work, revealing how the non-profit organization has carried on the Albers' legacy over the years. The heart of the book, lavishly illustrated, is devoted to the Foundation's many donations to international museums, including rarely shown works of art.
On the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary, the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation publishes You can go anywhere. This collection of essays by Foundation staff and collaborators reveals the broad scope of how the nonprofit has carried on the legacy of the Alberses over the years.
After an introduction exploring the Foundation's history, You can go anywhere features a wide range of essays by people from around the world who have contributed to the Foundation's work, such as architects Manuel Herz and Toshiko Mori; designers Paul Smith and Christopher Farr; and curators, museum directors, and staff members. The book is richly illustrated with photos by Iwan Baan, Giovanni Hänninen, and Sofia Verzbolovskis, as well as archival material and art by the Alberses. The heart of the book is devoted to the Foundation's many donations to international museums, including rarely shown works of art.
In 2005, the Foundation supported the creation of the humanitarian organization Le Korsa, which helps local communities in Senegal, through health services, education, agriculture, and culture programs. Essays about Le Korsa are sure to inspire the art world, public institutions, and philanthropists.
Edouard Detaille was raised in Marseilles, France, in a family of artist photographers for three generations. His 20-year career in management has moved from representing international artists at Universal Music, to developing the digital marketing and communication strategies at commercial real estate companies, to founding and running a real estate consulting and investment firm. Today, he is COO for more than two years of the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation and its NGO Le Korsa, both of which perpetuate the artistic and humanitarian legacy of Bauhaus artists Josef and Anni Albers.

Willem van Roij is an art historian specialized in 20th century art and architecture. He has been working as an independent researcher for the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation since 2010. He taught art history in his native The Netherlands before being appointed curator and scholar-at-large at the Albers Foundation in 2020.
Edited by Edouard Detaille and Willem van Roij.
Contributions de Laurent Van Reepinghen, Adhiraj Shekhawat, Josh Slocum, Louis Valentin, Matthias Persson, Charles Lemonides, Charlotte Fox Weber, Robbie Smith, Lucy Swift Weber, Victoria Ebin, Fiona Kearney, Hans Renders, Brigitte Degois, Eve Tribouillet-Rozencweig, Gilles Degois, Vincent Broqua, Fabrice Hergott, Raffi Kaiser, Francois Olislaeger, Giovanni Hänninen, Alberto Amoretti, Erika Goldman, Francois Gibault, Belle Place, Nancy Weber, Patrick Dewavrin, Nick Murphy, Bruno Racine, Gerard Sénac, Louis Racine, Daniele Reiber, Robert Devereux, Elena Arzak, Marta Arzak, Daphne Warburg Astor, Atlante, Chiara Graffer, Dario Jucker, Matthew Bourne, Wayne McGregor, Rebecca Salter, Heinz Liesbrock, Paul Smith, Emilia Terragni, Michael Semff, Mando Watson, Shane O'Neill, Nicolas Fox Weber, Paolo Papone, Pierre-Alexis Dumas, Manuel Herz, Alan Riding, Elisa Nocentini, María Toledi, Manuel Fontan del Junco, Christopher Farr, Katherine Weber, Michael Beggs, Mickey Cartin, Brenda Danilowitz, John Eastman, Louise Eastman, Kelly Feeney, George Gibson, John Gordon, Allegra Itsoga, James Green, Jackie Ivy, Fritz Horstman, Charles Kingsley, Emma K. Lewis, Pierre Thiam, Philip Rylands, Andy Seguin, Clarisse Baleja Saïdi, Sarah Meister, Toshiko Mori, Melanie Niemiec, Tim Prentice, Jeannette Redensek, Ruth Lande Shuman, Anne Sisco, Christine Vincent, Molly Wheeler, Victoria Wilson, Martina Yamin, Paul Neale, David Pilling, Ruth Agoos Villalovos, Magueye Ba, Seydou Badiane, Jaime Yaya Barry, Shannon Hart, Maimouna Ka Sow, Saliou Seck, Moussa Sene, Mamadou Cisse Kante, Bamba Sagna, Lassana Keita, Massamba Camara, Abib Dieye, Saliou Diop, Augustin Diouf, Moustapha Diouf, Lucas Zwirner, David Leiber, David Zwirner.

Graphic design: Graphic Thought Facility.

Published by the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation.
published in June 2022
English edition
25,5 x 25,2 cm (softcover, under box set)
450 pages (309 ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-9583298-0-8
EAN : 9782958329808
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