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(In)actualité du surréalisme (1940-2020)

 - (In)actualité du surréalisme (1940-2020)
A reevaluation of Surrealism since 1940: a large-scale, groundbreaking work covering seven decades—a vast and little-studied period during which the movement was often disregarded, sometimes denied—, questioning the discourses, narratives, and debates on the poetic, political, and artistic commitments of the movement, beyond the glorious interwar period of so-called "historical" Surrealism, in the context of the deep social and cultural mutations of the world of the second half of the 20th century.
Olivier Penot-Lacassagne is a lecturer at the University of Sorbonne Nouvelle. He has edited and published several books, including: Le Roman critique d'Artaud le Mômo (2022), Beat Generation : l'inservitude volontaire (2018), Poésie & Performance (2018), Back to Baudrillard (2015), Contre-cultures ! (2013).
Edited by Olivier Penot-Lacassagne.
Texts by Frédéric Alix, Marie-Paule Berranger, Christophe Bident, Julien Blaine, Jacqueline Chenieux-Gendron, Kate Conley, Fabien Danesi, Hugo Daniel, Michel Deguy, Juliette Drigny, Dominique Drouet-Biot, Jérôme Duwa, Fabrice Flahutez, Anne Foucault, Émilie Frémond, Louis Janover, Alain Joubert, Jeanyves Guérin, Audrey Lasserre, Anaïs Mauuarin, Léa Nicolas, Olivier Penot-Lacassagne, Effie Rentzou, Anna Trespeuch-Berthelot.
published in October 2022
French edition
17 x 24 cm (softcover)
592 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-37896-266-1
EAN : 9782378962661
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