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Le grand dépotoir

Julien Blaine - Le grand dépotoir
Julien Blaine, born in 1942, inventories (and offers) what remains in an artist's studio at the end of a lifetime of creation.
Since the early 1960s, Julien Blaine (born 1942 in Rognac, France, lives and works in Marseille) has been developing a semiotic poetry, which can be defined as post-concrete and post-fluxus. Above all, his poetry is a physical experience: a performance.
Edited by Laurent Cauwet.
Texts by Julien Blaine, Liliane Giraudon, Jean-Charles Agboton-Jumeau, Démosthène Agrafiotis, Laurent Devèze, Bartholomé Ferrando, Giovanni Fontana, Jacques Guigou, Patrick Javault, Gérard-Georges Lemaire, Barbara Meazzi, Jean-François Meyer, Jean-Hubert Martin, Jean-Claude Monod, Stéphane Nowak Papantoniou, Peter Read, Laurent Cauwet, Nicolas Roméas, Olivier Penot-Lacassagne, Patrizio Peterlini, Nathalie Quintane, Mata Rosenquist, André Robèr, Tanabé Shin, Marianne Simon-Oikawa, Cristina de Simone, Gilles Suzanne, Anysia Troin-Guis, Catherine Poitevin.
2020 (publication expected by 4th quarter)
French edition
14 x 21 cm (softcover)
224 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-37896-143-5
EAN : 9782378961435
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