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Jacques Halbert - Autoportrait
A number of more or less benevolent considerations on the work of Jacques Halbert.
Texts by Emmanuel Vaslin, Mathieu Mercier, Laure Slabiak, Jean Michel Valtat, Roland Duclos, Patrick Tosani, Alun Williams, Catherine Pineau, Bertrand Gadenne, Alain Tchillinguirian, Sam Moore, Fabrice Hyber, Philippe Méaille, Orlan, Riewert Ehrich, Marie-Caroline Chaudruc, Guy Mathieu, Clovis Maillet, Wiwi Lebibac, Etienne Candel, Pauline Hamel, Arnaud Brument, David Michael Clarke, Claudie Dadu, Geneviève Breerette, Lauren Lebon, Patrice Lerochereuil, Grégoire Motte, Ivan Messac, Capitaine Lonchamps, Philippe Poitevin, Claude Guibert, Cindy Daguenet, Julien Blaine, Francine Flandrin, Peter Frank, Marcel Alocco, Charles Dreyfus Pechkoff, Konny Steding, Dominique Marchès, Jules Merleau-Ponty, Valentina Traianova, Antoine Dufeu, Jérôme Diacre, Daniel Dezeuze, Ben Vautier, Jacques Flechemuller, Joël Hubaut, Gatien Du Bois, Zhuo Qi, Christian Maret, Raphaël Cuir, Sammy Engramer, Olivier Slabiak, Wilfrid Rouff, Frédéric Emprou, Jean-Michel Pinchon, Corine Borgnet, Léon Mychkine, Bernard Calet, Marty Fugate, Dialogist-Kantor, Jean-Michel Espitallier, Su Byron, Max Horde, Filipe Vilas-Boas, Catherine Chalumeau, André Stas, Claire Chevrier, Laurent Lacotte, Jean Dupuy, Ann Chevalier, Alexia Guggemos, Fabien Boitard, Christian Xatrec, Olivier Mosset.

Published following the exhibition “Jacques Halbert. Cerises” at Château de Montsoreau - Musée d'art contemporain in 2020..
Jacques Halbert painted his first cherry in 1975. This subject has strongly informed his prolific work, either as a repeated motif or a randomly placed against the blue surface of his paintings. The image of the cherry, to which he lays artistic claim, was to lead the artist into painting as performance art, from France to the US, participating in the Fluxus movement as well as Eat Art. Despite exploring so many creative paths in such a variety of mediums, Halbert remains profoundly attached to painting. He also visits other culinary subjects such as peas, potatoes or gratinated paintings, but the cherry is the single image which has continuously endured throughout his more than fourty-year career.
Published by Association culturelle du Château de Montsoreau.
published in February 2021
French edition
14 x 21 cm (softcover)
186 pages
ISBN : 978-2-9557917-3-8
EAN : 9782955791738
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