ORLAN (born 1947) is a French artist who works with sculpture, photography, performance, video, video games, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, robotics, and scientific and medical techniques to question contemporary social phenomena. Her artistic practice opposes natural, social, and political determinism, male supremacy, religion, and cultural segregation. Always mixed with humor, sometimes with parody or even the grotesque, her work questions and challenges pre-established codes.
 ORLAN - Hibridaciones / Hybridizations
bilingual edition (English / Spanish)
Temblores Publicaciones
Hybridizations presents the most recent work of the French artist ORLAN which reflects, from the aesthetics of ancient Mesoamerican cultures, on the canons of beauty, cultural exchanges, and the symbolic and material powers of native peoples in a globalized world.
 ORLAN - « Les femmes qui pleurent sont en colère » par femme avec tête(s)
French edition
Jannink - Wide Open
ORLAN hybridizes fragments of her face with portraits of Dora Maar, Picasso's companion.
 ORLAN - Ceci est mon corps… ceci est mon logiciel
French edition
Al Dante - Contemporary Art
This monograph is derived from a lecture given in 2009 at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. ORLAN takes a retrospective look at her career and brings forward themes explored in her work, such as hybridization and the female body in art.
 ORLAN - Pomme-cul et Petites fleurs
French edition
Jannink - L'art en écrit
A collection of previously unpublished poetic texts by ORLAN, accompanied with photos by Fabrice Lévêque: a new highlighting on her work.
 ORLAN - Pomme-cul et Petites fleurs - Limited edition
French edition
Jannink - L'art en écrit
Limited edition with a signed silkscreen enhanced by ORLAN's own lips.

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