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Julien Blaine - Œuvres de papiers
Brochure/catalogue (24 pages) of an exhibition that took place in 1987, simultaneously in Milan (Mercato del Sale gallery) and Paris (Donguy gallery), presenting the pictorial version of metaphysical poems (cf. 3427 Poëmes métaphysiques and Bimot).
Since the early 1960s, Julien Blaine (born 1942 in Rognac, France, lives and works in Marseille) has been developing a semiotic poetry, which can be defined as post-concrete and post-fluxus. Above all, his poetry is a physical experience: a performance.
Notes by Jean-François Bory, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Valére Novarina, Sarenco, Pierre Drachline, Christian Prigent...

Published by Galerie J & J Donguy, Paris / Mercato del Sale, Milano.
published in 1987
French edition
20,9 x 29,6 cm (softcover)
24 pages (b/w ill.)
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