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The Dreamers

 - The Dreamers
The catalogue of the 2021 Belgrade Biennale, curated by Italian curators Ilaria Marotta and Andrea Baccin, founding directors of CURA., exploring the space of dream as a metaphorical space of freedom.
The book, designed in collaboration with Dan Solbach, includes a wide selection of essays called to investigate the dream world from different angles. The catalogue is supplemented by an original section dedicated to artists' dreams, inspired by the book Sogni/Dreams published by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Francesco Bonami in 1999 and by a large iconographic atlas of works introduced by Costanza Paissan. A rich collection of bibliographic and filmographic references suggested by the artists, enriches this choral publication, which explores the dream world as a metaphorical space of freedom, capable of re-reading categories, rules and roles, and the most established certainties.
Works by Jean-Marie Appriou, Marija Avramović & Sam Twidale, Trisha Baga, Davide Balula, Will Benedict, Cecilia Bengolea, James Bridle, Dora Budor, Elaine Cameron-Weir, Ian Cheng, Claudia Comte, Sanja Ćopić, Matt Copson, Vuk Ćosić, Vuk Ćuk, Alex Da Corte, Jeremy Deller, Simon Denny, Nicolas Deshayes, DIS (Lauren Boyle, Solomon Chase, Marco Roso, David Toro), Aleksandra Domanović, David Douard, Cécile B. Evans, Cao Fei, Cyprien Gaillard, Nenad Gajić, Camille Henrot, David Horvitz, Klára Hosnedlová, Marguerite Humeau, Than Hussein Clark, Pierre Huyghe, Invernomuto (Simone Bertuzzi & Simone Trabucchi), Alex Israel, Melike Kara, Nadežda Kirćanski, Josh Kline, Oliver Laric, Mark Leckey, Hannah Levy, Hana Miletić, Ebecho Muslimova, Katja Novitskova, Precious Okoyomon, Wong Ping, Sonja Radaković, Jon Rafman, Anri Sala, Bojan Šarčević, Max Hooper Schneider, Augustas Serapinas, Igor Simić, Marianna Simnett, Emily Mae Smith, Colin Snapp & Mauro Hertig, Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, Diamond Stingily, Jenna Sutela, Nora Turato, Nico Vascellari, Jordan Wolfson, Guan Xiao.

Published on the occasion of the eponymous exhibition, 58th October Salon, Belgrade Biennale 2021.
Edited by Ilaria Marotta and Andrea Baccin.
Texts by Ilaria Marotta and Andrea Baccin, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Mahfuz Sultan, Melanie Chan, Giulia Bini, Ben Vickers, Anthony Huberman, Tarek Elhaik, Matthew Spellberg, Emanuele Coccia, Vladimir Kulić, Sanja Bojanić, Fredi Fischli and Niels Olsen, Saša Ilić, Ian Cheng.
published in September 2021
English edition
15,1 x 23,5 cm
432 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-88-99776-35-0
EAN : 9788899776350
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