David Horvitz

Born in 1981, David Horvitz is an American artist based in Los Angeles. His artistic practice oscillates between painting, poetry and conceptual art.

(external link : www.davidhorvitz.com)
David Horvitz - When The Ocean Sounds
English edition
Shelter Press - Books
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A score for 51 human voices intended to mimic the sound of the sea, displayed as loose sheets slipped in PVC sleeve. David Horvitz's hommage to Pauline Oliveros.
David Horvitz - A Disappearance from Winschoten
English edition
Shelter Press - Books
currently out of stock
This publication documents a work by David Horvitz made on the occasion of a Bas Jan Ader-themed exhibition in Holland in 2012. Annoyed by the curators, Horvitz literally disappeared one month before the show, leaving all his belongings and quitting social media. He returned on the exhibition's closing day, and explained his piece to the curators.
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