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Grégory Granados - Cahier du Cirva
A vase/flower pot devoted to a dancing plant by French designer Grégory Granados.
“As winner of the Grand Prix Design Parade 14, I am lucky to be hosted as a year-long resident of the Cirva. During this residency and in keeping with the history of the villa Noailles, I am focusing on making a vase/flower pot devoted to a dancing plant with leaves that move to the sound of music… I will be continuing my other research alongside this project, in a setting that allows for experimentation. Being intrigued by the present connection between the shaping of a given material and the sound it emits, I will attempt to investigate the acoustic properties of glass.”
Grégory Granados
Born in Normandy in 1991, Grégory Granados began his studies as a cabinetmaker, an instrument maker, and a carpenter. Now holding a DNSEP in object design and having long been an avid lover of dance and music, he is trying to create a dialogue between these practices.
Text by Stanislas Colodiet.

Graphic design: Johanna Himmelsbach.
2021 (publication expected by 3rd quarter)
bilingual edition (English / French)
14 x 19,7 cm (softcover)
ISBN : 978-2-907116-12-1
EAN : 9782907116121

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