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Color LibraryResearch into Color Reproduction and Printing

 - Color Library
A bible for graphic designers: first publication dedicated to “Color Library,” the database of color profiles for artists, designers and printers created at ECAL – University of Art and Design Lausanne. It features documentation on the various tools offered by the platform, a visual essay by Shirana Shahbazi, and texts by specialists.
A collectible publication for graphic designers and creative entrepreneurs, this book is dedicated to “Color Library,” one of the most commentated projects in the graphic design field in the past years. “Color Library” is a database of color profiles for artists, designers, photographers, and printers who are looking for a novel yet professional color management solution. It offers a wide variety of color combinations, from basic colors through metallic, neon, and pastel.
Created at ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne, “Color Library” was launched in 2014. Initially developed for experimental purposes, the project was extended in order to create an online platform for development and distribution. This nonprofit website has a dual objective: to distribute an innovative tool for artists, designers, and printers, and to make students aware of color theory and color management—one of the main fields of contemporary design research. Among the graphic designers and creative structures that have used and/or are using “Color Library” are Åbäke, Vitra, Baldinger•Vu-Huu, Edition Patrick Frey, Zak Kyes, Istituto Svizzero, Kunsthalle Basel, and Nero Publishing.
The publication documents the different chromatic and technical possibilities offered by “Color Library” and includes a commissioned visual essay by Zurich-based photographer Shirana Shahbazi as well as essays by London-based writer, curator, and graphic design expert Emily King, Manon Bruet, and Franz Sigg.
Edited by Maximage.
Texts by Manon Bruet, Emily King, Shirana Shahbazi, Franz Sigg.

Published by JRP|Editions.
published in September 2018
English edition
18 x 24 cm (hardcover)
280 pages (150 color ill.)
ISBN : 978-3-03764-527-7
EAN : 9783037645277
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Color Library Color Library Color Library

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