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Parler à un mouton

Parler à un mouton Claude Lévêque - Parler à un mouton
A collection of previously unpublished texts and drawings (artist's book).
Claude Lévêque is as stunning in each one of his artistic practices as in writing. Parler à un mouton, published at éditions jannink in the collection “Art en écrit”, swerves in a fragile equilibrium between humour, gravity and nostalgia. The writing is poetic, sometimes coarse, as smooth as it is fluttered.
One spins through the book, in an allegedly childlike world, where drawings mix with words. The “useless but burlesque” text is infinitely rich, with multiple reading levels and popular references. Claude Lévêque takes us everywhere: from country restaurants to the town of Nevers, from highway deserts to Vichy. But above all, he admires David Bowie. The more experienced readers—plunged in his memories and phantasms—will disentangle the truth from fiction. Anyway, the goal is not to dissect the text to extract truth, but to share these unexpected tales.
published in January 2017
French edition
12,5 x 21 cm (softcover, dust jacket)
48 pages (duotone ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-37229-021-0
EAN : 9782372290210
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Parler à un mouton Parler à un mouton Parler à un mouton Parler à un mouton Parler à un mouton Parler à un mouton
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