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Cinemas (vinyl LP)

Pablo Pijnappel - Cinemas (vinyl LP)
The recording of a literary interpretation of a performance by the artist Pablo Pijnappel.
The record is a spoken-word, audio rendering of two accounts included in the publication Beyond Imagination/Zona de Crepúsculo—itself a literary interpretation of a performance of the same title presented in the Pijnappel's solo exhibition at the Iberê Camargo Foundation, Porto Alegre, Brazil in 2018.
Manipulating the notions of translation, interpretation and memory, the two texts are interwoven into a bilingual (English and Portuguese), forked narrative. The record comes with a printed translation of the accounts into its opposite language (e.g. spoken English is written in Portuguese and vice-versa).
The work of Pablo Pijnappel (born 1979 in Paris, lives and works in Amsterdam) is foremost highly constructed. He builds narrations based on anecdotes and everyday events, perhaps souvenirs, family legends or plain fictions. With psychoanalysis and literature as his usual starting points, Pablo Pijnappel's works are meta-narratives that poetically combine cultural, historical and ancestral identities through the prism of memory. Language always plays a leading role in uniting mental mechanisms and the world, in video installations, texts, or performances that lie at the crossroads between cinema, photography, and fragments of prose. The non-linear use of different archives and film extracts highlights this uncertainty and contributes to the loss of these stories over time. The works only offer pauses and silent moments, allowing the investment of our imagination. The "life stories" told by Pablo Pijnappel are often those of his family who travelled a lot and had to adapt to new countries and their cultures. Through his tales, we visit Brazil in the 1940s, Japan, the United Kingdom and also Germany.
Texts by Pablo Pijnappel.

Graphic design: Pablo Pijnappel.
published in June 2023
bilingual edition (English / Portuguese)
180 g vinyl, 45 RPM, 14'
ISBN : 978-3-943514-91-9
EAN : 9783943514919
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