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Daunik Lazro, Dominique Répécaud, Kristoff K.Roll, Géraldine Keller - Actions soniques (CD)
Recorded in March 2016, “Actions Soniques” is a meeting of free rock with free impro into an electroacoustic environment with a clear and powerfull voice. This is the last CD from Dominique Répécaud (1955-2016).
Daunik Lazro: bariton sax.
Dominique Répécaud: electric guitar.
Kristoff K.Roll (J-Kristoff Camps & Carole Rieussec): electroacoustic devices.
Géraldine Keller: voice.

Daunik Lazro (born in 1945 in Chantilly, France) is an eminent jazz and improvised music saxophonist, a major figure of the European avant-garde music scene. He has played and recorded with countless groups and musicians, such as Joëlle Léandre, Evan Parker, Michel Doneda, Georges Lewis…
French experimental guitar player, Dominique Répécaud (1955-2016) was the director of CCAM and Festival Musique Action and founder member of 33REVPERMI
Kristoff K.Roll is a duo formed by Carole Rieussec and J-Kristoff Camps.
Géraldine Keller is a lyrical artist and vocalist, with a repertoire of contemporary works, written and improvised music.
published in 2018
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