Students Of Decay

Founded in 2005 in Cincinnati, Students of Decay publishes drone, ambient, electronic and other musics on a variety of formats.
5 titles
 Flanger Magazine - After the Bend (vinyl LP)
Flanger Magazine's second album integrates strings, wind instruments, percussion, and synthesizers, and subtly blends folk, Americana, chamber music, electronica, and jazz in a suite of pastoral, ethereal, and kaleidoscopic pieces.
 Soft tissue - Hi leaves (vinyl LP)
The new full-length record from the duo of Glasgow-based artists Feronia Wennborg and Simon Weins, examining microsound by way of extended amplification technique, bone conduction, domestic recordings, and digital feedback.
Marja Ahti - Still Lives (vinyl LP)
A sensual and abstract album by the Finnish composer Marja Ahti, one of the most interesting electroacoustic musicians our time.
Tom James Scott - Mine Is The Heron (vinyl LP)
The new Tom James Scott record, the first document of his solo work since 2017.
Crys Cole - Beside Myself (vinyl LP)
The Canadian artist's second album features two immersive pieces that explore ideas of compositional drift: The Nonsuch is inspired by nocturnal hallucinations while In Praise of Blandness builds on sinologist François Jullien's concept of “blandness”.

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