Présent composé

Founded in 2001, the publishing house Présent Composé is hosted by the plastic arts laboratory of the University of Rennes 2. The editions produce theoretical and plastic researches, around events, meetings or themes emanating from the arts laboratories. Each of the productions interrogates to varying degrees the processes of representation, visualization, writing and editorialization in a digital data environment. The publications are varied and adopt a renewed support and graphic conception: interview with an artist or a theorist, thematic publication of creation and research, editorial collective project, experimental digital creation, analysis of work.
The editions are intended for the entire university scientific community, researchers, professionals and students in the arts. It is a question of accessing research work on contemporary art, the digital imagination, its creative processes, its figures and their modes of existence, observing and questioning the contribution, the meaning and the inscription of art in the contemporary cultural and technological landscape. The editions exist in a tangible or dematerialized form.
Editorial direction: Anne Bénichou (University of Quebec in Montreal), Samuel Bianchini (University of Valenciennes, CITU), Pierre Braun (University of Rennes 2), Edmond Couchot (University of Paris 8), Catherine Elkar (Frac Bretagne), Marion Hohlfeldt (University of Rennes 2), Joël Laurent (University of Rennes 2), Sylvie Mokhtari (Archive of the Art Critic).
5 titles
Art & Essai - 2014-2020
French edition
This book documents six years of reflections and productions, that is to say the 47 exhibitions—dedicated to young emerging artists as well as to major actors of the French and international art scene—organized at the Galerie Art & Essai of the University Rennes 2 between 2014 and 2020 under the direction of John Cornu.
Digital Klee - Pedagogical Sketchbook – An Inquiry Into The Future Of Form
bilingual edition (English / French)
Between 2017 and 2020, researchers in the fields of art, design, computer science, psychology, sociology, digital humanities and mathematics explored the historical publication of the artist Paul Klee, which appeared in 1925 at the Bauhaus. The research work led to the project being part of a logic of patrimonialisation and transmission of knowledge based on digital technologies.
Pierre Braun - Coding gone graphically wild
bilingual edition (English / French)
This bilingual publication retraces a journey and a set of studies, graphic creations and texts that lead to a process of drawing research in a digital environment.
Pierre Braun - Recollection
French edition (essays translated into English)
15.00 8.00 €
Both an exhibition catalogue, a retrospective of thirty years of graphic research, and an experimental hybrid publication that provides the reader with a graphic and sensorial universe by experimenting with enhanced reality devices with the body.
Libérez les machines ! - L\'imaginaire technologique à l\'épreuve de l\'art
French edition
Technological imaginary to the test of art.

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