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Art Book Magazine publishes books, print and digital, devoted to contemporary art, graphic design, and the creation in its many aspects.
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« Il créait des choses désagréables » - Marcel Mariën et l\'activité surréaliste
French edition (texts in French and English)
The different aspects of the work of Marcel Mariën (1920-1993)–member of the surrealist group of Brussels, poet, creator of images, publisher, theoretician and political activist, accomplice of René Magritte and Guy Debord.
Une direction graphique - ABM Studio
French edition
First monograph dedicated to one of the most recognized independent French graphic design studios.
Sarah Jérôme - Collection 1
bilingual edition (English / French)
First monograph of the French artist who makes the changing states of the body the territory of her research, between desires and suffering.
Françoise Denoyelle - Arles – Les Rencontres de la Photographie - Une histoire française
French edition
The story of fifty years of the international festival of photography.
Design en regards
French edition
A collection of texts, interviews and testimonials about new teaching practices of design.
From Bits to Paper
English edition
Publication reflecting on the work of contemporary artists who explore the collision between the digital and physical worlds. These artists take a step back, using decontextualization, rematerialization and displacement tactics to examine the future of our world. Through a collection of interviews with and essays by artists and theoreticians, this book develops the reflections generated during the eponymous exhibition.
Fragments pour Isidore Isou
French edition
Collective study dedicated to the founder of Lettrism Isidore Isou.
Situations, dérives, détournements - Statuts et usages de la littérature et des arts chez Guy Debord
French edition
The use and status of literature and arts in Guy Debord's thought.
 Ludovic Chemarin© - Ludovic Chemarin© - 1998-2005 / 2011-2014...
French edition
In 2011, Damien Beguet and P. Nicolas Ledoux purchase the name of artist Ludovic Chemarin after he decided to end his career in 2005. Since then, they have been exploiting his name through exhibitions, conferences, and interviews. This monograph gives an overview of the project, gathering exhaustive documentation and essays from critics, historians, and lawyers.
Gaël Davrinche - Défigure(s)
trilingual edition (English / French / Chinese)
First monograph by French painter Gaël Davrinche: an exhaustive journey through the artist's young career, punctuated with a photographic reportage in his studio. An interview by P. Nicolas Ledoux and a foreword by Richard Leydier complete this edition.
 Ultralab™ - 1999TM - Psychopathologie de la vie quotidienne dans le monde des arts (ou l\'affaire des cartons piégés) (DVD)
French edition
Halfway between a performative documentary and an artist narrative, this film documents a mysterious case which disturbed Paris art scene back in 1999.
Jean-Claude Moineau - Queeriser l\'art
French edition
currently out of stock
Queer theory as a critical tool against the very idea of identity in art.
Robotic art
bilingual edition (English / French)
sold out
An introduction to robotic art in twenty installations and performances. The catalogue includes a brief history of the artist and the robot's relationship by Austrian curator Gottfried Hattinger.

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