Kalerne is a platform about sound and environment, initiated and curated by Yannick Dauby since 2002.
4 titles
Yannick Dauby - Echoes as Messengers (CD)
A composition by Yannick Dauby built upon the eletroacoustic modulation of Japanese bats' ultrasonic voices.
Marc Namblard - Nuits de Guyane (CD)
A sound collage of night time ambiances from Guiana (France), focusing on the calls of amphibians.
Yannick Dauby - Taî-pak thiaⁿ saⁿ piàn (CD)
Three sound compositions by sound artist Yannick Dauby, based on field recordings of Taipei city and its surroundings. Inspired by the Ghost Festival and the ambiences of Summertime, by the evolution and modernity of the urban environment, by the now extinct plain aborigines who once lived in the Taipei basin, these works are reflecting three ways of listening the urban soundscape of Taiwan's capital.
Marc Namblard - Cévennes (2 CD)
currently out of stock
Singing insects of the Causses, vultures feeding, passerine songs, underground streams, barking stags, rumbling storms, amphibian choruses, sheep bells... a reference in the audio-naturalist field.

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