Yannick Dauby

Based in Taïwan since 2007, Yannick Dauby (born 1974 in the Mediterranean Alps, France) explores the soundscapes of this island through field recording, audio documentaries and community projects. He composes electroacoustic music (aka “musique concrète”) and performs improvised music with found objects, analogue devices and digital processing. Yannick Dauby creates soundtracks and sound environments for contemporary dance, public art and films. He is involved in activities about ecology and local traditional cultures.
Yannick Dauby runs the platform Kalerne.

Yannick Dauby - Echoes as Messengers (CD)
A composition by Yannick Dauby built upon the eletroacoustic modulation of Japanese bats' ultrasonic voices.
Yannick Dauby - Taî-pak thiaⁿ saⁿ piàn (CD)
Three sound compositions by sound artist Yannick Dauby, based on field recordings of Taipei city and its surroundings. Inspired by the Ghost Festival and the ambiences of Summertime, by the evolution and modernity of the urban environment, by the now extinct plain aborigines who once lived in the Taipei basin, these works are reflecting three ways of listening the urban soundscape of Taiwan's capital.

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