Malin Gabriella Nordin

Born 1988, Malin Gabriella Nordin lives and works in Stockholm.

My work consists of fragments reconstructed from memories, dreams and surroundings where past and present no longer work as isolated units. My overall process is my own game of telephone, where I move between different mediums and techniques. Something that started out as a collage on paper might become a sculpture and later a painting from another point of view, constantly changing in the search for the right medium and size for each piece. These changes in material, size and technique always involve a translation in process. During the process the qualities change but also how I think about the piece. It becomes a new character with different qualities and abilities, or sometimes, it's still the same character but with new features.
– Malin Gabriella Nordin

If one called painting by its name, Malin Gabriella Nordin would probably have it respond with the voice of rocks: of stones that fluently speak their own language of shapes and ciphers and glow with multiple colours in the dark. Nordin gives abstract forms a unique presence that is subtly spooky, animated by the silent laughter of beings from other dimensions.
Jan Verwoert

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Malin Gabriella Nordin - Fruits of Yesterday\'s Harvest
English edition
Shelter Press - Books
Twenty-one collage works by Swedish artist Malin Gabriella Nordin, between painting and sculpture (artist's book).

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