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Celebrating 10 years of ThemelessnessVideo Compilation (DVD)

Bless N°28, Climate Confusion Assistance, 3'51"
Bless N°27, Eased Up, 5'54"
Bless N°25, Uniseasoners, 4'07"
Bless N°23, The Bringer, 6'06"
Stedelijk Museun Bureau Amsterdam, 7'30"
Bless N°18, Allroundwear, 5'29"
Bless N°14, Shopping Supports (outdoor), 7'59"
Bless N°14, Shopping Supports (indoor), 5'30"
Bless N°13, Basics, 4'13"
Bless N°12, Team-ups, 2'38"
Bless N°10, Scarves, 13'00"
Bless N°09, Merchandising, 15'03"
Bless N°07, Living-room Conquerors, 3'36"
Bless, Alexanderplatz, 7'29"
Bless N°04, Bags, 3'12"
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