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Le Dictateur n° 05 – FAQ

 - Le Dictateur n° 05
FAQ est une publication d'art éditée par Maurizio Cattelan et Myriam Ben Salah, à l'invitation du Dictateur, conçue comme une exposition portative sur papier, sous la forme d'un livre accordéon. Célébrant le 10e anniversaire du Dictateur, le premier numéro rassemble une cinquantaine dœuvres d'artistes internationaux et sera prolongé par une série annuelle.
What is FAQ?
FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions, referencing an attempt to synthesize a recurrent flow, a tenor, an ideal visual representation of a given and very subjective “now.”

How was FAQ conceived?
Born out of an accute image eating disorder, FAQ reflects the mental assimilation of a relentless roving within physical and virtual art spaces: from galleries to tumblr accounts, museums, or artists studios.

Why is FAQ developed on an accordion paper format?
FAQ is conceived as a portable exhibition, a show on paper, a project of restitution, a hybrid object that you can both leaf and scroll through. It allows the immediacy of a linear exhibition display while being contained in terms of space, time and resources.

Is FAQ based upon a theme or concept?
Far from being a rational enterprise because of its lack of rules, hierarchy, order—or concept for that matter—it is expressly and brazenly as personal and biased as possible and only reflects the obsessive mannerism of its authors.

Is FAQ linked to a specific period of time?
FAQ is based on a very abstract and individual notion of time. It is the review of one year of exposure to art, featuring works from very different periods, all boiling down to an idiosyncratic perception of current times.

What do the works featured in FAQ have in common?
In theory, nothing. In retrospective they all carry a certain sense of the bodily, and a strong vision of human inadequacies expressed through a quirky take on materiality.

Does the nature of FAQ exclude de facto sculpture and installations?
FAQ thrives from the constraints of a print format, forcing us to feature only works that have enough strength to live several lives, in different dimensions, independently from any exhibition or space context.

What do the artists featured in FAQ have in common?
Like the above, in theory, nothing. In retrospective, they all produce—in different realms, times, and materials—strong images that speak loudly through their immediacy.

Why is FAQ printed and not an online project?
The finiteness of the print was an attractive limitation and a prolific restriction, forcing to carefully select while remaining into a horizontal, democratic spectrum, free from any notion of hierarchy. Also, beautiful material objects get more focused attention than beautiful virtual platforms.

Is FAQ going to happen again?
F*ck yeah!
Œuvres de Korakrit Arunanondchai, Thomas Bayrle, Neil Beloufa, Judith Bernstein, David Douard, Carroll Dunham, Dan Finsel, Llyn Foulkes, Kathy Grannan, Camille Henrot, Charles Irvin, Elad Lassry, Jon Rafman, Steven Shaerer, Emily Mae Smith, Peter Sutherland, Slavs and Tatars, Andra Ursuta, Aleksandra Waliszewska, Charlie White, Jakub Julian Ziolkowski...
« Le Dictateur » est Federico Pepe, un tyran auto-proclamé s'octroyant les pleins pouvoirs pour amorcer un ambitieux projet éditorial en collaboration avec le Vice-Dictateur Pierpaolo Ferrari (collaborateur régulier de Maurizio Cattelan dans le cadre du projet Toilet Paper). Présenté sous la forme d'un livre extrêmement luxueux, en grand format, sous coffret scellé, le magazine est pensé comme un espace où les artistes, photographes, acteurs du monde de la mode, célèbres, très célèbres ou totalement inconnus, sont arbitrairement sélectionnés et invités à se rencontrer. Chacun devient ainsi « dictateur » pour ses propres pages, et présente en toute liberté un projet nouveau ou adapté pour le magazine.
Voir aussi Le Dictateur Press (plate-forme éditoriale sous le nom de laquelle paraîssent d'autres livres et éditions d'artistes, dont Toilet Paper).
Edité par Maurizio Cattelan et Myriam Ben Salah.
paru en juin 2016
sans texte
15 x 21 cm (leporello)
120 pages (46 ill. coul. et n&b)
ISBN : 978-88-6208-502-1
EAN : 9788862085021
en stock
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