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1.KonditionstrainingAktion 040918 (DVD)

Raionbashi - 1.Konditionstraining
Une performance autour de l'impuissance et de l'humiliation en public.
Two performances* that are mirroring the universal human situation of being exposed for oppression and violence in this eternal hell on this planet. Two performances that are exposing the everyday situation for most people on this planet; either you are a prisoner of war or a young kid on the school yard or whoever, wherever when there is a chance for humiliation and ridicule and torture, may it be physical or mental; a situation that is well known in this injustice and unfair society we call paradise on earth. Maybe the arts is the only way out? In the early days they told us it was religion...
Leif Elggren

* voir aussi la performance Gilligan's Island – Aktion 080920
Performance exécutée le 18 septembre 2004 à Die Sibirische Zelle, Berlin.
Edition limitée à 30 exemplaires, numérotés à la main.
Raionbashi est le pseudonyme de Daniel Lowenbrück, artiste performeur et musicien, fondateur du label Tochnit Aleph.
paru en août 2010
PAL DVD (couleur)
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