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Art on the Scale of Life

Kathrin Böhm - Art on the Scale of Life
Un aperçu complet de la pratique et des réseaux multiformes, collaboratifs et durables de l'artiste Kathrin Böhm.
This volume critically profiles, contextualizes, and theoretically elaborates the unique practice of the UK-based German artist Kathrin Böhm. Combining visual and textual material, it offers an overview of Böhm's exceptional modus operandi that is rooted in a highly original artistic synthesis of a range of practices. Over the last three decades, Böhm has expanded the terms of socially engaged ways of working to an unprecedented scale and breadth by producing complex organizational, spatial, visual, and economic forms. These often entail the production of complex infrastructures, manifested via projects such as Culture is a Verb (2018–21), The Centre for Plausible Economies (2018–ongoing), Company: Movements, Deals and Drinks (2014–ongoing) and the Eco-Nomadic School (2010–ongoing). The book follows a major mid-career exhibition at The Showroom, London, in 2021.
Offering a significant addition to debates on contemporary art and architecture, social action, and public culture,
Kathrin Böhm: Art on the Scale of Life brings together critical reflections by internationally acclaimed contributors. Spanning a wide range of critical positions and disciplines, these include Dave Beech, Céline Condorelli, Elvira Dyangani Ose, Wapke Feenstra, Katherine Gibson, Joon-Lynn Goh, Lily Hall, Yolande Zola Zoli van der Heide, Grace Ndiritu, Gerrie van Noord, Paul O'Neill, Doina Petrescu, Gregory Sholette and THEMM!!, Kuba Szreder, Gavin Wade, Mick Wilson, Stephen Wright, and Franciska Zólyom. In addition, material derived from Böhm's international networks and projects provides an in-depth impression of the deeply ingrained collaborative and durational nature of her way of working.
Photographic, diagrammatic, and typographical imagery runs through the book, demonstrating the rich visual and spatial languages embedded in Böhm's work. This visual register of the book is therefore much more than a series of illustrations and acts as a counterpoint to, and extension of, the ideas elaborated in the texts.
Kathrin Böhm est une artiste internationale basée à Londres. Son travail se positionne à l'intérieur et à l'extérieur du monde de l'art, abordant les thèmes de la gouvernance, de l'économie et des différentes communautés translocales. Ses principaux intérêts sont la (re)production collective de l'espace public, le commerce en tant que domaine public et le quotidien comme point de départ de la culture.
Edité par Gerrie van Noord, Paul O'Neill, Mick Wilson.

Conception graphique : An Endless Supply.
paru en mai 2023
édition anglaise
17 x 24 cm (broché)
340 pages (271 ill.)
ISBN : 978-3-95679-626-5
EAN : 9783956796265
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Art on the Scale of Life
Art on the Scale of Life
Art on the Scale of Life
Art on the Scale of Life
Art on the Scale of Life
Art on the Scale of Life
Art on the Scale of Life
Art on the Scale of Life
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