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Constellation (10" vinyl)

Mads Emil Nielsen, Chromacolor - Constellation (10\
A remix collaboration by Mads Emil Nielsen and Chromacolor, a project from the German sound artist and producer Hanno Leichtmann.
Mads Emil Nielsen's Constellation (side A) was created by combining several granulations and textures based on a single short recording, extracted from improvisations made with the Buchla synthesizer at EMS, Stockholm – combined with randomly looping orchestral samples, edited and produced in his studio in Copenhagen.
After having heard Nielsen's live performance in Berlin in 2017, Hanno Leichtmann suggested remixing various of his tracks including Constellation (Remix – side B). For this rework, Leichtmann provides an ambient feel by working with various sources, all of which generate sound using vibrating metal plates in different sizes – including a Premier Vibraphone, a Fender Rhodes and a Hohner Guitaret.
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Mads Emil Nielsen is a musician/composer based in Copenhagen, working with basic sound sources, often combined with short percussive and orchestral samples, real sounds and an amplification of machine produced errors. In 2014 he founded Arbitrary, the label and artistic platform on which he released a series of graphic scores and recordings (Framework) and various solo works and collaborations.
Chromacolor is a project from the German sound artist and producer Hanno Leichtmann (also member of the bands Groupshow, with Jan Jelinek and Andrew Pekler, and Denseland, with David Moss and Hannes Strobl).
Mastering and cut: Kassian Troyer at D&M, Berlin.
Artwork by Karel Martens.
published in May 2022
10" transparent vinyl, 45RPM
EAN : 5706274011159
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