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Vivre avec ça ?!Music for Lili Reynaud​-​Dewar (2 vinyl LP)

Lili Reynaud-Dewar, Nicolas Murer - Vivre avec ça ?!
Minimalist progressive lofi techno tracks by MACON (Nicolas Murer) for a series of exhibitions by visual artist Lili Reynaud-Dewar.
The works shown in these exhibitions consisted of speakers built into beds mattresses. Some beds play music, some others play recorded voices of french writers Guillaume Dustan, Marguerite Duras or somebody (Matthew Ferguson for instance) reading an excerpt from a book by american poet Eileen Myles called "The Importance of Being Iceland. Travel Essays in Art."
Sound is ink, ink is text, museums are bedrooms.
Pulling from a multiplicity of influences – fashion subcultures, radical design, or the history of cinema –, Lily Reynaud Dewar (born 1975 in La Rochelle, France) draws slanting lines between her personal history and some universal cultural signifiers. She often identifies with icons of cultural or racial transgression, such as writer and activist Jean Genet, visionary jazz musician Sun Ra, or dancer Josephine Baker. Thanks to the use of performance and the text, and through ever-changing roles and the interplay of people and objects, Reynaud Dewar creates a dialogue that challenges fixed identities, or the politics of the exhibition.
Nicolas Murer, also known as Macon, Mulan Serrico, Spor Tranquil, Ton Ami, etc., member of Drosofile, Gueule Ouverte and Jack Nicklaus Tribute Band, is the founder of Stochastic Releases, based in Grenoble (France).
Published by Stochastic Releases.
published in September 2014
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